New Strontium 90 Removal System To Be Installed At Fukushima Daiichi

Kurion will provide a truck back filter system to remove strontium 90 from contaminated water currently held in storage tanks at Fukushima Daiichi.
Kurion, Toshiba and TEPCO have all been mum about the exact role the new filter system plays vs. the ALPS system that has been the main hope for decontaminating water. ALPS is also intended to remove strontium but also to remove a wider array of isotopes.
The system should be on line at some point during the summer.
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El Hierro volcano helps to improve algorithms used by satellites

Information provided by satellites on the amount of chlorophyll-A and the roughness of the sea following the eruption of the underwater volcano off the island of El Hierro (Spain) did not coincide with the actual data collected in situ by vessels carrying out oceanographic studies. The models have been corrected by researchers at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who have for the first time processed very high resolution images of this kind of natural phenomenon captured from space.Image taken by the satellite WorldView-2 in October 2011. The bright green waters indicate high concentrations of volcanic material flowing from the brown zone, which is where the volcano is located. On the right, the ‘diffuse attenuation coefficient’ has been applied &ndas… »

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Japanese professor “Thyroid cancer rate of Fukushima children is already up to 40 times much as normal”

Following up this article.. 90 cases of malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor among Fukushima children / Increased from 75 [URL]

Professor. Tsuda from Okayama University commented the thyroid cancer rate of Fukushima children is already 1.65 ~ 40 times much as normal.

From 1975 to 2008, thyroid cancer rate among children 15 ~ 19 years old was only 5 in a million.

Based on Fukushima prefectural government’s own survey, the current thyroid cancer rate is already 40.8 times much as normal in Nihonmatsu city. It’s also 27.9 times much as normal in Koriyama city.

After Fukushima accident, thyroid test is not implemented outside of Fukushima. It’s not implemented for adults even in Fukushima prefecture.

Matsumoto city mayor, Sugenoya, who was involved in the medical support in Belarus for Chernobyl, comments thyroid cancer was transferred to lungs in Chernobyl. Especially adult’s thyroid cancer were often transferred to brain and bone.

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