New research finds evidence of catastrophic collision of the proto-Earth with a Mars-sized body

According to the prevailing hypothesis, a Mars-sized body known as Theia smashed into Earth billions of years ago. Earth survived this giant impact but the fragments from the crash gradually coalesced into the Moon that we see today.When scientists first looked at the samples from the Apollo 11, 12 and 16 missions their microscopes did not reveal traces of this impact but when Herwartz et al. recently analyzed fresh basalt samples from three Apollo landing sites and compared them with several samples of Earth’s mantle they found that the oxygen isotope values measured in these lunar rocks differ significantly from the terrestrial material, supporting the giant-impact hypothesis.“If the Moon formed predominantly from the fragments of Theia, as predicted by most… »

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David Novak: Chain of arrows and the shoulder of giants - EU 2014

From the first arrow shot toward the heavens to the most recent space probe, we are reaching for the sky. David Novak shares a key piece of story evidence and the moment it all came together.David Novak was the Master of Ceremony for EU2014 to rave reviews. He is a performance storyteller and arts educator and creator of The Storytellers’ Compass, a method of narrative wayfinding. He has spoken at numerous theatres and festivals all over the country. Mr. Novak has been guest instructor for the University of San Diego, International Storytelling Institute, Oklahoma Arts Institute, John Campbell Folk School, and Walt Disney Imagineering.In 1995/96, he was Master Storyteller for the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. Internationally he has toured China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the … »

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China bans GMOs from army food supply

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army plans to ban the use of genetically modified foods from its supply chain, making the PLA the first military force in modern history to do so.According to multiple reports, the decision comes following the publication last month of a report in an obscure Chinese government weekly by Lt. Gen. Mi Zhenyu, the former deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Military Science.The English translation of Mi’s essay was published just recently by Chen Yiwen, a senior official with the China Association for Disaster Prevention, on Chen’s verified blog. According to the translated version, Mi charged that GMO residue of soybeans that are crushed to manufacture soy oil has found its way into the diets of Chinese citizens, thereby causing birth defe… »

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Ministry of the Environment and local govs consider to give up current desired radiation level after decontamination

Ministry of the Environment and the local governments are considering to give up the current desired radiation level after decontamination because it’s overly difficult to achieve.

The current desired level is 0.23 μSv/h. However some of the local governments have been requesting Ministry of the Environment to raise it to be “the more realistic level”.

Ministry of the Environment considers to raise it to be 0.4 ~ 0.6 μSv/h, which is 2 ~ 3 times much as now. However they state the additional annual dose can be less than 1 mSv for some reason.

The internal exposure dose, which is more serious than external exposure, has never been reviewed.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

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