Night sky guide for June 2014

Globular clusters M10 and M13 will both be well placed for observation at the beginning of June. The strongest daylight meteor shower – Daytime Arietids – peaks on June 7. Since the radiant will be located only thirty degrees west of the Sun the visual observing conditions will be poor at best. Theta Opichiud meteor shower will be possible to observe this month. Its relatively flat maximum of 5 days occurs centered on June 10, its radiant will be opposite the Sun. Another meteor shower, the Opichiud meteor shower, will peak on June 20. Both are weak showers.June Solstice on June 21 marks the beginning of the summer in Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning of winter in Southern Hemisphere. June 3 – The Hercules globular cluster (M13, … »

Source: Solar News

Hosono Confirms TEPCO Corporate Wanted To Abandon Fukushima Daiichi

In a rare interview prompted by the recent Asahi Shimbun article series on the statements of late Fukushima Daiichi plant manager, Masao Yoshida, former cabinet advisor Goshi Hosono granted an interview. Hosono was acting as a go between with Yoshida at Fukushima Daiichi and Prime Minister Kan during the disaster. Hosono’s communications and recollection of events at the Prime Minister’s office clearly showed it was TEPCO’s corporate office in Tokyo that wanted to abandon Fukushima Daiichi.
This was a key event in the disaster. If Daiichi had been abandoned the disaster would have spiraled completely out of control. This would have likely caused them to also have to abandon Fukushima Daini as they were trying to keep control of that plant. Kan’s worst case assumption was that this would have caused other nearby reactors to be abandoned in a domino effect as they were struggling with the aftermath of the tsunami …

Source: Fukushima Sub