Shallow earthquake M6.2 struck off the coast of Mexico

A shallow earthquake registered as M6.2 struck off the coast of Mexico on May 31, 2014 at 11:53 UTC. EMSC and USGS preliminary reports both mention M6.2 at depth of 10 km. The earthquake struck at 04:53 local time, far away from coastline.Epicenter was located 259 km (161 miles) WSW of Tomatlan, 311 km (193 miles) SW of Ixtapa and 877 km (545 miles) W of Mexico City, Mexico.There are no people living within 100 km radius. Green alert was issued for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. Seismotectonics of MexicoLocated atop three of the large tectonic plates, Mexico is one of the world’s most seismically active regions. The relative motion of these crustal plates causes frequent earthquakes and occasional volcanic eruptions. Most of the Mexican landmass is on th… »

Source: Solar News

2.4 Sv/h on the basement floor of reactor1

2.4 Sv/h was measured around this point.

Steel plate lay over the aisle.

Following up this article.. [Video] Tepco identified a leaking part on reactor1 vessel / Pipes are rusted and starting deteriorated [URL]

Tepco measured 2.4 Sv/h on the basement floor of reactor1.

On 5/30/2014, Tepco implemented the follow-up robot survey in reactor1. They ran the robot in torus room to investigate the coolant part called suppression chamber.

From their report, the atmospheric radiation level was 200 ~ 500 mSv/h in most of the areas, but they detected 2,400 mSv/h at one point. A steel plate was detached from somewhere and lay over the aisle to stop the robot moving ahead (The picture above). The pipes were severely contaminated nearby the high radiation level area, but detailed readings are not announced.

This time, video wasn’t published either.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima