Increased activity reported at the last active volcano in the Balkans - Duvalo, Macedonia

Significant amount of smoke was ejected from Duvalo, the last active volcano in the Balkans, on May 28, 2014. This is the first such event in known history and experts believe it was caused by recent heavy rains and increased seismic activity in the region.Situated close to the village of Kosel, near Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, this active geothermal surface feature is occasionally releasing gaseous carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide but before yesterday it was always limited to its crater.Authorities said emergency response teams are on alert.Duvalo resembles a miniature crater with a diameter of 0.5 meter and depth of 30 centimeters. It represents the last trace of more significant former volcanic activity, now almost extinct.Source: Kanal5Featured i… »

Source: Solar News

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