Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washed ashore near Kemah, Galvestone Bay, Texas

Hundreds od thousands dead fish have washed ashore near the 146 bridge leading into the city of Kemah, Galveston Bay, Texas. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said the dead fish began showing up last weekend and the most likely cause is oxygen depletion. By Wednesday, May 28th, almost all the fish have decomposed and officials said there are no plans to investigate the fish kill any further. Reduced oxygen levels are most commonly caused by factors such as drought, algae bloom, overpopulation, or a sustained increase in water temperature. This is not the first such report coming from Galveston Bay in recent years.Thousands of dead fish, most of them Gulf Menhaden, or shad fish, washed ashore along the Texas coast, from the C… »

Source: Solar News

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