Corium Experiments; Pedestal Behaviors Using Lead Part II

Following the initial published findings of our corium experiments in lead, an additional run was done. Read about the initial lead experiment here and the corium experiments in glass here.
This follow up run of the lead experiment was done using the same process as the initial one but included a new “floor”. The new lead volume was 250g. Of that about 150g fell through to the “floor” (about 60%). A different material was used as the containment floor. On the previous experiment it was noticed that the ceramic saucer used as a floor had adhered to the lead and appeared to have acted as a heat sink. In this version a steel food container lid was used to determine if the lead would behave differently without the ceramic heat sink effect.
The lead melt on the steel lid above. A portion of the lead left the pedestal as seen in …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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