WIPP Cat Litter Acts As Fuel To Ignition Or Reaction

Officials at WIPP have admitted that the suspect barrels are packed with “organic kitty litter”. We were able to confirm that it was a wheat based cat litter.
Wheat based cat litters are made out of wheat bran and are readily available at most stores in the US. Wheat bran is also available in a pelleted or flake form as a livestock feed. In doing some additional research into the properties of wheat type cat litters or wheat bran products we found that there is a well known risk for these with spontaneous combustion or being ignited. Wheat bran is also used as a biomass fuel to burn in producing energy. Since wheat bran is a food it can obviously burn and contains a considerable amount of sugar.
Based on this Nancy F. ran a simple experiment. What happens to wheat bran under heat. Since heat is generated by either chemical reactions or …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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