Marine mammals mysteriously dying in record numbers along West Coast

More sick and dying animals are washing up on the coast of California, with new reports indicating record numbers of young sea lions, seals, and other marine mammals being admitted to care shelters for rehabilitation. The Orange County Register reports that the only facility in the county licensed to care for marine mammals is now at capacity, and that other facilities all along the coastline are being similarly inundated.The normally pudgy and active creatures are increasingly turning up emaciated and dehydrated, a mysterious phenomenon that the Sausalito-based Marine Mammal Center (MMC) has monitored across a 600-mile area of coastline that stretches from Mendocino to San Luis Obispo. After washing ashore, many of these sick marine mammals are too week to even get back in the w… »

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Fukushima Thyroid Cancers Increase Again

There is now a total of 50 confirmed thyroid cancer among children in Fukushima prefecture. Another 39 new suspected cases of thyroid cancer were also admitted. Previous testing had found 41 suspected cases and 33 confirmed. The 50 cases are confirmed to be thyroid cancer, not lumps. The suspected cases that now would total 80 are normally set for biopsy tests to confirm or rule out cancer. This puts a new total of 130 in the confirmed or suspect cases yet the government insists there is no connection to the nuclear disaster. Thyroid cancer in children is usually extremely rare.
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Piers Corbyn on the myth of man-made global warming

The recent Electric Universe conference in Albuquerque New Mexico featured investigators from wide ranging disciplines, who had come to a common conclusion. The key to understanding so-called climate change is the electromagnetic connection between Earth and the Sun.One of the most powerful of these voices is Piers Corbyn, who has received international acclaim for the accuracy of his long-range forecasts. Although we hear daily of a scientific consensus to the contrary, what does Piers make of mankind’s alleged role in affecting the climate on Earth? Video courtesy of Thunderbolts ProjectFeatured image: Supercell near Booker, Texas – Author: Mike Olbinski… »

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