Guatemalan Santa Maria erupts, volcanic ash up to 7.2 km

Intense activity was observed at Guatemalan Santiaguito, lava-dome complex of Santa Maria volcano, today. INSIVUMEH reported moderate to strong pyroclastic flows on southeastern flanks. Regions Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu are on orange alert.According to Washington VAAC notification issued at 18:44 UTC, volcanic ash was estimated rising up to 7.2 km (25 000 ft) and moving SW-W. Ash falls were reported within 10 km around the volcano, particularly affecting the villages of Las Marías, San Marcos Palajunoj, El Faro, La Florida , Patzulín, all located on the south side.V. santiaguito entro en fase de erupción con flujos piroplásticos moderados y fuertes en flancos E Y S.E.— Insivumeh Guatemala (@insivumehg… »

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Rokkasho Nuclear Site; Impossible To Evacuate Residents

The Aomori governor weighed in on the stalled safety review of the Rokkasho nuclear fuel site and how they are finding it impossible to come up with an evacuation plan. Municipalities and prefecture governments are expected to submit working evacuation plans for any nuclear facility that plans to eventually restart. This includes areas up to 30km from the facility. In the same area of Rokkasho resides the Higashidoori nuclear plant that is under construction. The map of the area shows why this is such a problem.

Both facilities sit on the long narrow portion of the peninsula.
Rokkasho in the red dot with evacuation zones. (image credit Mainichi). Anyone north of the plant would have to go within 5-10km of the facility to evacuate. The facility includes large storage of spent fuel and a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in addition to the nuclear plant under construction. This all may make evacuating a number …

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