Earth entering a stream of debris from Halley's Comet - Eta Aquariid meteor shower

Eta Aquariid meteor shower is visible from about April 19th to about May 28th each year but unlike most meteor showers Eta Aquarids don’t have a sharp peak, meaning you can watch them for several days from May 4 – 7.It is considered that the best time to observe them is during dark hours before sunrise on May 6, no matter where you live. They will radiate from the constellation Aquarius, two degrees southwest of the fourth magnitude star Gamma Aquarii.This is an above average shower capable of producing up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak but most of the activity is seen in the Southern Hemisphere.In Northern Hemisphere, the rate can reach about 30 meteors per hour and the radiant of the shower is only above the horizon for the few hours before dawn…

Dr. A.P. David: On The Laws Of Nature - EU2014

AP David’s talk considered the sources of the modern idea of ‘Laws of Nature,’ or as they are more usually known nowadays, ‘physical laws.’ He began by articulating the difference between descriptive and prescriptive laws: nature as directly observed versus nature idealized into geometric or other mathematical relationships. This beginning leads to surprisingly large consequences for the way in which new ideas are received by the gatekeepers of mainstream cosmology.It turns out that the revolutionary thinkers of The Enlightenment found in the Laws of Nature an attractive “divine” quality. In particular they saw ideal geometries in planetary and other celestial motions. David will suggest that the willful conflation of descriptive and prescriptive tenets i…

“Camel” in bad shape in a Yokohama city zoo / Events cancelled for the time being

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In one of the largest urban zoos in Japan, Zoorasia, a camel has been in bad shape, according to Yokohama zoo cooperatives.

The details are not announced.

The events of camel will be cancelled for the time being.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima

Tepco signed to collaborate with Sellafield Ltd / “Expecting for more support from Nuclear Decommissioning Authority”

On 5/1, Tepco signed an agreement to develop a working relationship with Sellafield Ltd.

Japanese Prime Minister, Abe and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Edward Davey attended the ceremony.

Tepco states it is significant to exchange knowledge and technology with Sellafield Ltd, which is the (so-called) leading company about decommissioning and decontamination of a nuclear plant.

At the same time, Tepco commented they expect for “the further support” of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority with this collaboration. They didn’t explain what the “further support” suggests.

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima