Alert level for twin-volcanoes Cerro Negro and Chiles raised, ongoing seismic crisis

Alert level of the twin-volcanoes Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and Chiles (Colombia-Ecuador border) has been raised to yellow in response to an ongoing seismic crisis and deformation. Seismicity is being detected since November 2013, when a new monitoring network had been installed. INGEOMINAS reported that seismic activity has remained elevated and that so far, more than 60 000 small earthquakes at shallow depths (1 – 6 km) have been recorded since November 2013. The epicenters were between 3 – 5 km SW of the Chiles volcano, while deformation affects neighboring Cerro Negro volcano to the west. Several of them were felt by people living close by. The largest quake so far was a magnitude 4.5 event that was felt widely.Colombian volcanologists mapped the risk zones for each …

Ganymede may harbor ice and oceans stacked up in several layers

The largest moon in our solar system, a companion to Jupiter named Ganymede, might have ice and oceans stacked up in several layers like a club sandwich, according to new study led by JPL’s Steve Vance that models the moon’s makeup.Previously, the moon was thought to harbor a thick ocean sandwiched between just two layers of ice, one on top and one on bottom.The results support the idea that primitive life might have possibly arisen on the icy moon. Scientists say that places where water and rock interact are important for the development of life; for example, it’s possible life began on Earth in bubbling vents on our sea floor. Prior to the new study, Ganymede’s rocky sea bottom was thought to be coated with ice, not liquid — a problem for the emergence of life….

The Mayor of Yokohama hospitalized for unequal pulse

Following up this article.. The Mayor of Yokohama off from public duties “unusually long” for the persistent illness [URL]

Yokohama city Mayor, Hayashi Fumiko was hospitalized after all.

She has been off from public duties, but started having dizziness and the feeling of dyspnea from 5/1/2014.

She plans to be hospitalized for 2 weeks for unequal pulse. She was having unequal pulse since before, but didn’t affect her daily life.

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You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.

Source: Fukushima