DOE To Do WIPP Mine Reentry On April Fools Day

DOE is planning the first reentry into the mine for April 1st.
“Tomorrow, personnel are scheduled to enter the WIPP underground to survey conditions for the first time since the February 14 radiological release. A team of eight radiological control, mine operations, and mine rescue experts will descend into the mine through the Salt Shaft to establish a safe base of operations and conduct radiation surveys to check for airborne contamination. If no contamination is detected, a second team of eight members will enter the underground to check conditions between the Salt Hoist and the Air Intake Shaft.
Multiple mine entries are necessary before the team accesses the waste disposal area where a continuous air monitor detected airborne contamination. Once they reach that point, the team will locate and isolate the source of the contamination.”

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Source: Fukushima Sub