Compelling research reveals these 3 techniques to increase your personal power

Most of us have had days when didn’t think we’d have the energy to get through it all. On these days, simple feats like walking up a flight of stairs can be a total drag.

It’s easy to assume if your physical strength and energy isn’t up to snuff that something physical is wrong. Your diet must be off. You aren’t exercising enough. You’re malnourished in some way, right?

That’s not the whole story, according to research that shows how your subjective sense of inner power enhances or detracts from your physical strength.

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK and published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, suggests that your state of mind positively affects physical strength….

Revolutions of Knowledge: The future of physics

New from IAI: Newton founded the sciences with physics: the application of mathematics to the world. But just as some scientists claim that a theory of everything is at hand, might our current models be radically flawed? Do we need a new paradigm to make sense of the universe, or are our current models as good as it gets?

The Panel

Oxford physicist and philosopher Simon Saunders and holistic physicist and Bohm collaborator F. David Peat and philosopher of science Michela Massimi envisage the future of science.

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