Fukushima ALPS System To Be Offline Indefinitely

Asahi Shimbun is reporting that the ALPS system will be offline for an unknown amount of time. The B train of ALPS was not properly processing contaminated water for 4 days without anyone discovering this. The water was then mixed with finished water from the A and C train and routed to storage tanks. This mistake has contaminated a multitude of pipes and tanks intended for lower level water.
TEPCO mentioned possibly reprocessing all of the intermixed water and some attempt to clean the pipes and tanks.
The ALPS system, designed and built by Toshiba and Energy Solutions (US) has been plagued by problems and failures. METI had been preparing to implement a more advanced version of ALPS at the plant starting in the end of March. No word if this new problem will slow the implementation of that system.
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Moderately strong M1.7 solar flare, filament eruption - Earth directed Hyder flares possible

At 03:56 UTC today the Sun sent us its best equinox wishes with moderately strong M1.7 solar flare originating from Region 2010 (S15E27, Dac/beta). This was the largest event on the Sun in last 24 hours (by 12:30 UTC) and it was associated with a Type II radio sweep observed at 03:52 UTC (~372 km/s) and a Type IV sweep at 04:07 UTC – suggesting an associated CME from the event.

NASA SOHO LASCO C2/C3 and NASA STEREO A/B coronagraphs depicted a slow moving CME of the East limb from Earth’s perspective. Initial analysis of the event suggests that it is unlikely to have a component on the Sun-Earth line.

You can see the eruption in the video below. What seems like a glitch around 07:00 UTC is actually our planet passing between the SDO (Solar…

Tepco rejects to test chloride concentration of groundwater / “To conceal seawater comes up to Fukushima plant ?”

Following up this article.. Groundwater in deep layer possibly traveling between sea and land / Tepco not to investigate it anymore [URL]

On 3/19/2014, Tepco clearly rejected to investigate the possibility that contaminated groundwater and seawater are seamlessly moving underground of Fukushima plant.

From Tepco’s data, groundwater level is synced with ebb and flow in deep boring holes. However they abandoned them and decided to use only shallow boring holes, which don’t show the groundwater level trend.

In the press conference of 3/19/2014, a freelance journalist injured what the reason is not to test chloride concentration of groundwater. Only if they measure the chloride concentration, they can prove if seawater is coming to the underground of Fukushima plant.

Tepco’s spokesman stated they will not test chloride concentration, and the reason wasn’t announced.


Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.

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