First direct evidence of cosmic inflation

Almost 14 billion years ago, the universe we inhabit burst into existence in an extraordinary event that initiated the Big Bang. In the first fleeting fraction of a second, the universe expanded exponentially, stretching far beyond the view of our best telescopes. All this, of course, was just theory.

Researchers from the BICEP2 collaboration today announced the first direct evidence for this cosmic inflation. Their data also represent the first images of gravitational waves, or ripples in space-time. These waves have been described as the “first tremors of the Big Bang.” Finally, the data confirm a deep connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

“Detecting this signal is one of the most important goals in cosmology today. A lot of work by a lot of…

[Column] I just found what I was exactly looking for in Netherlands

Back in 1912, Japan and Netherlands made a special treaty, which may change how Japanese live in 100 years from then. With that treaty, Japanese people can obtain visa with some advanced conditions. This is very based in their trading history for centuries. Netherlands was the only western country to trade with Japan from 17 th to 19 th centry until the last revolution.
It became valid in 1960s after WW2 but it was forgotten in the dust of history almost completely.

When this 100 years old international treaty was revived was only 4 years ago. I’m seeing a chance in this juridical “glitch”, so I came to Netherlands.

I’ve been in Netherlands for almost 3 weeks but mostly I was focusing on this special treaty. I learnt the Dutch juridical world considers this treaty like a legend.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a lawyer and traveled from Amsterdam to Den Haag. It was just because one of my readers mentioned him by email, I went almost only to confirm my research was correct. I didn’t know anything about him.
After all, it turned out that he was the very lawyer who revived this 100 years old international treaty in the modern Dutch juridical world.
He said everyone laughed at him, until the court made the juridical precedence to prove the treaty is still valid.

There was the largest law firm in Amsterdam, but I gave it up because their consultancy was a little bit too pricy. That firm has Japan desk, so I missed it but had no choice. However, this legendary lawyer was the former partner of this firm and the Japan desk was his idea. I and my Japanese readers reached what we really needed by jumping over their heads.

His office was full of Japanese stuff, and the files were full of Japanese cases. He was so eager to assist us obtaining the visa based on the historical treaty.

Unexpectedly I reached someone who is the very specialist of what I was researching. It’s actually from the world history since 1600s.

I’m not doing this research for myself, it’s for other general Japanese people.
Now I feel like I might be able to climb up the wall thanks to the luck.

Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.

Source: Fukushima Releases Two New Technical Papers On Fukushima has released two new technical papers on the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The first addresses technical concerns with the reactor support skirt. It looks at potential events during the meltdowns and possible measures that could partially lower the risk factor. The second paper looks at the early failure potential of the core spray and feedwater systems used for emergency cooling of the reactors at Daiichi.
Reactor Vessel Support Skirt Concerns By Dean Wilkie
Fukushima Daiichi BWR Reactor Spray And Feed Water Systems; Evaluation For Early Failure By Dean Wilkie
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