High-tech materials purify water with sunlight

Sunlight plus a common titanium pigment might be the secret recipe for ridding pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other potentially harmful pollutants from drinking water. Scientists combined several high-tech components to make an easy-to-use water purifier that could work with the world’s most basic form of energy, sunlight, in a boon for water purification in rural areas or developing countries.

Anne Morrissey, Ph.D., explained that the new technology could someday be incorporated into an easy-to-use consumer product that would remove these stubborn pollutants from drinking water as a final step after it has already been treated with conventional methods.

Her group at Dublin City University in Ireland started with a compound called titanium dioxide (TiO2), a powder used to…

Magma chamber under Hekla volcano almost full, could erupt with very short notice - Iceland

According to Páll Einarsson, professor in geophysics at University of Iceland, the magma chamber under Hekla volcano is now almost full.

Professor Einarsson said the volcano could erupt with very short notice and warned people not to climb the mountain.

“During the last eruption, in 2000, it took just 79 minutes from the first quake until eruption, and Páll says that is longer than in previous eruptions.” (Source)

On March 3, 2014 Jón Frímann Jónsson reported three earthquakes in Hekla volcano system. All three earthquakes where small with none having magnitude above 1.0.

The last time this volcano appeared in GVP’s weekly volcanic report was in March 2013:

On March 29 the Icelandic Meteorological…

TEPCO To Pay Town’s Residents Full Compensation

The notion of total compensation may not be a totally accurate term. 39 households will by payed a total of 20 million USD in a settlement with TEPCO. This averages out to 512,820 USD per household. The town of Kawamata was not designated one of the no return zones but factors that would make it hard for anyone to return any time soon compelled TEPCO to consider the properties a full loss. Arbitrators arranged the deal.
It was not mentioned if evacuees payments would be deducted from these amounts. These amounts would also likely include any relocation costs reimbursement and suffering. Based on a review of average home prices in Japan this amount may or may not cover the cost of a home including land.
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Source: Fukushima Sub

Fukushima 3 Years on & Impossible to Fix or Decontaminate ☠

3 Years On: Contaminated Fukushima water may be dumped into Pacific Ocean http://youtu.be/dmYC09HtiKA
The operator of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant says it might eventually have to dump hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. It’s been three years since the nuclear disaster, but TEPCO is still struggling to clear up, with occasional radioactive leaks still happening. RT has been following the disaster since it began.