Fukushima? The Perfect Grime?

California Fukushima Radioactive Sunset

High radioactive detections in land, sea and air are met with media derision and mass denial

  • Readings from multiple private and government sources over past three years indicate Fukushima radiation in the US
  • YouTube Fukushima sleuths doing what government won’t trigger massive denial and mockery from LA Times, Al Jazeera America, Heal the Bay, others
  • Sources for media meltdown deniers, such as oceanographer Kim Martini, demonstrate exuberant ignorance about radiation and health
  • New report finds evidence of Fukushima radioactivity in Santa Cruz seawater
  • Soil in California’s Humboldt County, famed for marijuana production, tests high for Fukushima radiation as well

Multiple hazardous readings of suspected Fukushima radiation have been detected in air, rain, snow, and surf in California and across the nation. The high radioactivity findings came during tests of air across America, Pacific Ocean surf south of San Francisco and Santa Cruz, rain in Death Valley and nearby Las Vegas, and in the soil of California’s marijuana-growing heartland in Humboldt County.

The radioactivity has been detected by EnviroReporter.com, its associated radiation stations, the Environmental Protection Agency’s RadNet monitoring posts, and YouTube users across the globe. Some of the hottest tests were videotaped and seen by thousands including one going viral and reaching over 770,000 YouTube viewers. The hot Humboldt dirt was discovered by an outspoken amateur Fukushima radiation sleuth.

The alarming detections show that the threat from the ongoing Fukushima Japan triple meltdowns may be arriving in force. The worst single environmental disaster in history is the most logical source for the myriad positive tests for radioactivity based on EnviroReporter.com’s extensive investigation of the meltdowns that has resulted in over 5,436 samples and assessments across the country.

Many of those assessments have been done by Dale Ramicone who operates Radiation Station Glendale California which has a 24/7 live feed showing radiation readings along with a graph to put it in perspective.

“You know, this massive release, is so huge that it’s probably everywhere now,” Ramicone says. “I suspect that all you have to do is take samples, all up and down the coast, anywhere, and you will find contamination. It will be on the beach, in the salt spray, in the mussels and clams, the fish, everything that grows bones, shells, or exoskeletons. It may take some sensitive equipment to find it, but it’s there, I have no doubt.”

Destroyed Fukushima reactorRamicone is right. The Sea of Fuku Goo has arrived by land, sea and air just as We predicted not long after the poorly situated reactors were slammed by a 30-foot high tsunami after the Great Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011. Yet even with the destruction of much of the nuclear complex being three years ago today, the disaster has steadily worsened.

As anti-nuker Harvey Wasserman’s recent 50 Reasons to Fear the Worst from Fukushima details, events past and current illuminate the nuclear folly and foresee a grim future where Fukushima is concerned.

Indeed, nuclear reactor disasters of this sort get worse as time goes by, continually pumping poisonous radiation into the environment. No one even knows where the molten reactor cores are, located let alone what to do about them. All the while, 441 tons of highly radioactive water sluices into the Pacific every day.

News of Japan’s ongoing nuclear nightmare has become harder to come by since its lower house of Parliament passed a draconian Japanese censorship law passed in late November, 2013. Journalists who publish “inappropriately” or “wrongfully” obtained information on Fukushima face up to five years in prison. Inappropriate reporting, attempted leaks, solicitation and complicity are also illegal according to the new state secrecy act.

No need to censor most U.S. reporters to keep the lid on Fukushima. American media has reacted to these latest radiation revelations by issuing a barrage of poorly written screeds designed to discredit the people doing the actual detection work abandoned by the government in late 2011. Even once-august media outlets like the Los Angeles Times and newer media concerns like Al Jazeera America have been long on hyperbole but short on facts. This third year anniversary of the worst nuclear reactor meltdowns ever has also given us the worst ever government and media coverage of an environmental disaster.

Information obtained  shows that the Fukushima radiation is already impacting California in ways that may crash the fishing industry, destroy coastal real estate values, poison the Golden State’s famed pot and irradiate the San Joaquin Valley breadbasket of the nation.


500 people spell out "FUKUSHIMA is HERE" on a San Francisco Beach October 19, 2013 - photo courtesy John Montgomery

500 people spell out “FUKUSHIMA is HERE” on a San Francisco Beach October 19, 2013 – photo courtesy John Montgomery

All manner of nuclear nightmare may be enveloping the state yet far too few even know about it. The ongoing misery wrought by these meltdowns could be classified as criminal if government and media ineptitude and deception were any measure. Yet there is no outrage, no public effort to even avoid known pathways that the Fuku goo is taking in our air, water and food. Instead of facing the fission, mass media and most people have taken a mocking, dismissive tone towards anyone worried about the unrestrained radiation releases upwind and up current of America.

Does that make Fukushima the “perfect crime?”

Stephan Timmermans’s 2006 book Postmortem: how medical examiners explain suspicious deaths posits that a crime can’t be perfect if it is indeed identified as a crime. So far, Fukushima fits this description because most of the victims, human and animal alike, don’t even know what has been happening since March 11, 2011. So it’s perfect in this regard.

Amazingly, a small group of people exists who do know what’s happening and have the ability to document evidence of it and share it on a grand scale. They are armed with nuclear radiation monitors and cell phone cameras.

The challenge is daunting for these nuclear Paul Reveres who aim to warn the country of imminent disaster. The third anniversary of Fukushima reveals that the forces allayed against them are almost insurmountable.


Flying the Fissile Skies

Recent high air, rain and snow radiation findings were detected in California, Michigan, Illinois and across nine states in a commercial jet since late last year. It has been discovered that the storm that brought highly radioactive rain to Death Valley in November also slammed Las Vegas with radioactive precipitation.

Radiation readings revealed that flying the skies over America remains abundantly radioactive. On a December 23 flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, this reporter measured radiation at 922.1 Counts Per Minute (CPM) using an Inspector Alert. This reading was taken at the cruising altitude of 37,000 feet and was nearly 24 times the background measured in the terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.

According to documentation , the California Highway Patrol considers any material or situation over three times background to be the triggering level for a hazardous materials incident. Of course, at high altitudes the radiation is elevated as the atmosphere thins. Nevertheless, this reporter wore a face mask to reduce radiation inhalation caused by continuously falling out and being re-suspended radiation from the triple meltdowns.

The radiation detected en route to Chicago was lower than the readings detected in late 2011 on a flight along the same flight path nine months after the meltdowns had begun. That December 23, 2011 reading at 38,000 feet registered 1,238 CPM.

Similarly, the radiation readings of southwest Michigan snow were lower this year. A December 26, 2012 kilo of snow radiated 24.1 percent above background compared to measurements of 15.3 percent and 19.6 percent above background in late December 2013 snowfalls.

Chicago snowfall measured 43.0 percent above background January 5, 2014 prior to departing back to LAX the next day before an Arctic cold front brought temperatures down to 26 degrees below zero Fahrenheit January 7.


Radiation readings were triple the norm at 30,000 feet near Four Corners January 6 2014

Radiation readings were triple the norm at 30,000 feet near Four Corners January 6 2014

Flying above Four Corners, the jet was at 30,000 feet. This allowed a direct comparison to the expected readings one would get at that elevation with an Inspector. According to Ionizing Radiation Basics by Inspector Radiation Alert manufacturers S.E. International of Summertown, Tennessee, “When you fly in an air plane at 30,000 feet your rate meter is getting 200 CPM for anywhere between 2 to 5 hours.”

Passing over Monument Valley at 30,000 feet, this reporter’s Inspector Alert absorbed 625 CPM, over triple what the guide says is normal. S.E. International’s basics were written prior to Fukushima nuclear fiasco.

Death Valley’s Fukushima Rains

The Inspector Alert nuclear radiation monitor used on this winter testing sojourn was donated to EnviroReporter.com by International Medcom, the Sebastopol California-based manufacturer. The company provided the instrument after seeing the shocking readings detected in Death Valley in November where rain radiation readings in the national park came in dozens of times background over several days.

Unlike the latest Michigan snow readings somewhat above background, Death Valley snow from the November 2013 storm Boreas registered at background or below. Inexplicably, the same Boreas rain lit up the Inspector Alert with a startling 26.7 times background November 22, 2013 at Badwater and 31.5 times normal at Furnace Creek, the national park’s headquarters.

These rains weren’t blazing hot because of naturally occurring radon progeny. That had been washed out long before the readings took place in the multi-day rain event. Rain tested the next day at Stovepipe Wells in the center of the park at a whopping 29.7 times background in a test performed by a well known watchdog entirely on camera to fully explain the testing technique and to verify the result for any skeptical viewers.

The first inkling that Fukushima radiation was raining down on Death Valley came two days before when the first Stovepipe Wells sampling came in at 7.0 times normal. During this exceptional three-day storm, nearby Las Vegas was hit with the same Boreas rain. High radiation activity during this period was evident at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency radiation station in Las Vegas.

Coast to Coast

An  analysis reveals that there have been massive beta radiation surges in cities from coast to coast since last autumn. The levels of air radiation have been many times what is considered relatively safe. Even dry regions of the country got a stiff dose not normally associated with those areas.

With no other obvious sources than the WIPP radiation leaks in southwest New Mexico, the Fukushima meltdowns again come to the fore as the prime suspect. There is no doubt that this unnatural and unexplained radiation is here and it is hot. In some cases, really hot.

Sea of Fuku Goo is flowing towards Southern California

Sea of Fuku Goo is flowing towards Southern California

The federal government’s stations run by qualified volunteers have been going offline regularly without reappearing in the last few months, oft times as the readings have gone through the roof. Just 43 of the EPA beta radiation stations are online in the 123 city network of beta and gamma monitoring posts as of March 10. That’s just 34 percent operational compared with 49 percent of the beta detectors functioning in July 2013. Compounding the mystery of the non-functioning beta monitors is that they are literally built into the same EPA RadNet monitoring apparatus as the gamma detectors are which begs the question – why would the beta detector not function in such a unit when the gamma one does? And how can these beta detectors stay offline for over a year or longer with no sign of ever being repaired?br />

NRC Hid Information On Fukushima From Public

An NBC investigation found that the NRC coordinated an effort to hide information they knew from the public during the early days of the Fukushima Disaster. These included agreeing to lie to the press about the existence of Japanese nuclear experts stationed at the NRC offices in DC. Two sets of talking points were created, one for the public that insisted on total safety in US reactors while in private the NRC worried about the dire situation in Japan.
The same NRC staff members coordinated an effort to not admit the current situation of US reactors and earthquake standards. One NRC staffer insisted to their colleagues that the head of the Department of Energy should have lied to the press about the earthquake resistance of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant that was briefly under a tsunami alert from the East Japan earthquake.
NBC details the events with quotes from NRC emails obtained …

Source: Fukushima Sub

Fairbanks, Alaska council passes resolution about radiation concern

Pacific Currents flowing Fukushima Radiation to Alaska

Pacific Currents flowing Fukushima Radiation to Alaska

FAIRBANKS — The 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is getting attention from both Fairbanks local governments on the third anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami.

By a unanimous vote Monday, the Fairbanks City Council passed a resolution urging the state and federal government, as well as the United Nations, to do more radiation testing in Alaska waters.

The resolution was introduced by Fairbanks City Mayor John Eberhart and had the support of the council and several people who came to testify. Among them was John Davies, a member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly. Davies said he was concerned about radiation from Japan spreading to salmon he dip nets for at Chitina. He told the City Council that he plans to introduce a similar resolution before the borough assembly.

“I don’t personally have evidence that there’s a problem right now, but there’s enough concern out there that I would like to know the answers,” he said.

Earlier this year, Larry Hartig, the state commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, testified for lawmakers in Juneau about Fukushima radiation. Hartig said radiation levels were at a tiny fraction of the levels required to cause health problems. People ingest more radiation from eating a banana than from eating a tuna from the North Pacific Ocean, he said.

Concern about Fukuskima radiation also was raised at the Tanana Chiefs Conference convention Tuesday in Fairbanks.

P.J. Simon, a delegate from Allakaket, said possible radiation in migrating salmon posed a risk to subsistence activities. He urged both Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Mark Begich, who spoke at the convention via video conference, to support investigation of the issue.

Both Alaska senators said there isn’t evidence that harmful levels of radiation are making it to Alaska or its food supply. But they agreed that ongoing federal monitoring efforts should continue to make sure a radiation threat doesn’t emerge.

“We need to be vigilant on this,” Murkowski said.