Fukushima 3rd Anniversary Reports

We have been reporting on various aspects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in recent weeks. We looked at the human and health impact, the environment, how workers are being treated and the technical changes in the last year. All of these reports are compiled here for easier reading.
Society, Environment & Health:
Living With Radiation In Japan
Nuclear Establishment Takes Over Fukushima Medical University
Fukushima & The Controversy Of The Pacific
Fukushima Brings New Awareness Of Contaminated Food Worldwide
Citizen Activists Key To Understanding Fukushima Impact
New Independent Fukushima Food Contamination Results
Fukushima Nuclear Migrants; In Their Own Words
Citizens Step In Where Government Has Failed Fukushima Children
Fukushima; Efforts To Erase Human Rights
Fukushima’s Health Impacts On Children Grow
Dr. Robert Jacobs also shared his paper Radiation Makes People Invisible (available in Japanese & English via the link)
Working At Fukushima As National Duty?
Fukushima Daiichi; Abusing Workers & Avoiding Liability
Fukushima Daiichi Exposures Found To Be Worse Than Claimed
Technical Reports:
Fukushima 3rd Anniversary; Technical Report …

Source: Fukushima Sub

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Japan Plans to Restart Some Nuclear Plants in 2015 After Fukushima Shutdown
Energy Collective
Previously one of the world's largest producers of nuclear-generated electricity, Japan has relied heavily on fossil fuels following the meltdown at Fukushima Dai-ichi and subsequent shutdown of the country's nuclear fleet. In 2013, when almost all of ...

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Sun, Mar 01, 2015

Fukushima 3rd Anniversary; Technical Report – Plant Conditions

Conditions at the plant have remained a challenge and appear they will be in the future. TEPCO started off on the wrong foot by trying to blame the public for their lack of disclosure and failures at the plant. A TEPCO official did admit that the plant is still very much out of their control. Deceptive information has still been a common occurrence like this pair of radiation maps of the plant. One showed lower readings on the English map than on the Japanese map.
While TEPCO has taken considerable heat for the failures at the plant, little has been given to the contractors doing most of the work at the plant. We researched what contractors are doing the major work and profiting off the disaster. GE-Hitachi was a major contractor in charge of much of the ongoing maintenance at the plant and were the original designers of he reactors. They …

Source: Fukushima Sub