Surge in babies born without brains in Washington State

There is something seriously wrong in the fertile Yakima Valley region of Washington. A surging number of babies are being born with major birth defects, and the reasons why are eluding state health officials.

As reported by CNN, a nurse in the area, Sara Barron, was the first to report on a particularly horrifying condition: anencephaly — a condition in which babies are born without much of their brain and skull.

“I was just stunned,” she told the network in an interview. “Three in a couple-of-month period of time… that’s unheard of, and they have such tragic, terrible outcomes.”

Her shocking finding and report eventually prompted an investigation by the state health department. Investigators found some disturbing results.

Over a three-year period,…

Research tests range of electrical frequencies that help heal chronic wounds

Naturally occurring electricity in our cells is key to how our bodies function, and that includes the healing of wounds.

And externally applied low-amplitude electric fields have been shown to help hard-to-heal chronic wounds, like those associated with diabetes, where there is insufficient blood supply and drug treatments are not effective. The externally applied electric field manipulates the body’s naturally occurring electricity, such that the new vessels are formed, and blood supply to the wound is increased.

University of Cincinnati physics and biomedical engineering researchers recently tested for the most-effective magnitude and frequency when applying an external low-amplitude electric field to vascular cells, which are key to healing chronic wounds. Physics doctoral…

Ireland’s first Bitcoin ATM to be launched this week

In next few days Ireland’s first ever Bitcoin ATM machine will be launched at Hippety’s Cafe in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

Basically, the machine will turn cash into virtual currency in about 12 seconds. You walk up to the machine, scan the machine with a QR code that links to your bitcoin wallet, insert your cash and finally confirm your Bitcoin purchase.

BitVendo, Ireland’s first Bitcoin ATM provider, explains:

“If you would like to buy 50 euro’s worth then just insert 50 Euro and you will get that exact amount minus our small commission (3-5%). You can use note sizes between 5-100 Euro, so if you have 64 Euro in your pocket, then the most you can buy is 60 Euro.

After purchasing, the machine will play a…