Water and the Electricity of Life - Dr. Jerry Pollack interview

In this interview with Kim Gifford, Dr. Jerry Pollack, a professor in the bio-engineering department of the University of Washington, discusses new insights into structured water garnered in his lab. Dr. Pollack has spent the last 10 years researching the role of water in biological tissue and his discoveries could have a profound impact on our understanding of disease and healing.

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2,900 MBq/km2 of Cesium-134/137 still fall down in Fukushima plant area monthly

Still 2,900 MBq/Km2 of Cesium-134/137 fall down monthly in Fukushima plant area.

It’s been nearly 3 years since 311, but still high level of radioactive plume is falling around the plant.

The sampling date was from 12/25/2013 to 2/3/2014. Cs-134 density was 800 MBq/km2, Cs-137 density was 2,100 MBq/km2.

This is nearly 31 times much as fallout level in Fukushima Daini. The significant difference shows Fukushima plant is still emitting the high level of radioactive plume to the environment.


Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.

Source: Fukushima

Tepco damaged power cable for reactor4 pool coolant system / Tepco “Didn’t know the cable was there”

On 2/25/2014, Tepco damaged the power cable for reactor4 pool, which was installed by themselves.

It stopped one of the coolant systems of reactor4 pool, they ended up suspending fuel removal from the pool. They took about 4 hours to restart.

Tepco was drilling the ground in the south side of reactor4 in the process of improving the ground to stop groundwater flowing into the reactor buildings.

When they drilled approx. 1m in the ground, they damaged the power cable.

Regarding the cause, Tepco stated they were not informed of that the power cables were there by the outsourced company. Also, they had the “subjective impression” that any pipes or cables were not buried there.

Additionally, they actually found unexpected material when they started drilling, but they continued drilling without checking anything.




Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.

Source: Fukushima

Underground wall on the seaside of reactor3 was possibly broken / Groundwater level in sync with ebb and flow

The groundwater levels have been in sync with ebb and flow since the end of February in the seaside of reactor3.

Those groundwater levels are observed in two borings inside of the underground wall. Those borings must be separated from the sea.

However since 2/25/2014, the water levels are synchronized with the seawater level from Tepco’s data released on 2/28/2014.

Tepco hasn’t made any announcement about this trend, but if the ground wall is broken, it means contaminated groundwater is leaking to the sea again.

According to Tepco, they measured nearly 7 trillion Bq/m3 of All β nuclides from the contaminated water taken in the seaside of reactor3 last summer.

(cf, Tepco detected nearly 7 Trillion (10^12) Bq/m3 of All β nuclides from contaminated water in the summer of 2013 [URL])


Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.

Source: Fukushima

[Column] Update from Netherlands and the things about coming 311

As you probably know, I’m in Netherlands now and researching the visa conditions for other Japanese people.
It’s been a week since I came to Amsterdam, but the my research has been going much better then I expected. Actually compared to Svalbard or Romania that I have went through, Netherlands has everything much more civilized and sophisticated.
I spent the first two days immediately after landing in the immigration office and commercial chamber. There I got some recommendations and business cards of legal firms, and I knocked on the door of the first lawyers’ office yesterday.

In my opinion, incorporating would be the best way to obtain a visa so we won’t need to steal the local employments and can even produce the new employments. The government is more likely to welcome because they don’t hate tax income.

After one week of research, my conclusion is that incorporating is as easy as in Romania. Considering the various benefits, it is even cheaper in Netherlands.

By clicking a go, I could have it realized by this day of next week. But I already have my own visa in Romania, it’s not meaningful just for me to set up a company. Now I’m talking to other Japanese people if they are interested in sharing it.

This may sound such an adventure. Actually before my going to Netherlands, there were some people to say it is impossible or I would just end up being ripped off by bad lawyers etc.. But from my struggling through 2011-2013, I have learnt that it’s such a waste of chance not to open every singe door in the reach of my hand.
I hope my researching would let Japanese people know that the world is still full of opportunities.

Before going to the lawyers’ office yesterday, I received a message from one of my readers. He is a nuclear engineer in US. He says, the nuclear plants where he works started implementing the new safety measures. He can’t help thinking Fukushima Diary has something to do with it now that it’s almost the only source about Fukushima issue.
This shall be another achievement of my work.

The third 311 is coming soon. Fukushima issue is already starting to fade in people’s mind. I wouldn’t forget about the fact that the entire donation of last 11th March was 5 dollars. It wasn’t 0, but not 50 dollars either. The 5 dollars tells why I must continue Fukushima Diary.

However when the health symptoms are becoming too recognizable to cover up, the media would come back as if they have been SO worried about that.

I wouldn’t waste my time with them. Some Japanese people are already deciding where to go. I still have a lot of things to do for them.

Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.

Source: Fukushima

Watch asteroid 2014 DX110 safely fly by Earth on March 5, 2014

Newly discovered Apollo class asteroid named 2014 DX110 will safely fly by Earth on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at around 21:07 UTC. The estimated size of this asteroid is 30 meters (98 feet) and it will fly by at a minimum distance of less than 350 000 km (217 000 miles) or 0.9 lunar distances. Its estimated velocity is 14.85 km/s.

Although this asteroid poses no risk to our planet it is yet another shining example of how vulnerable our planet is to these flying space rocks.

We can enjoy this flyby from the comfort of our homes: Virtual Telescope Project will host a live coverage starting at 20:30 UTC on March 5, SLOOH space camera will also have live coverage here.

*Apollo class asteroids are near-Earth objects which cross the Earth’s orbit…