Fibonacci alignments of the Azores Pyramid & submerged city of Poseida

An impressive new discovery in the Azores Islands occurred in early May 2013, and was announced to worldwide media coverage on September 19th. This unusual discovery took place by sheer accident. When local yachtsman Diocleciano Silva was deep-sea fishing between São Miguel and Terceira Islands he noticed a perfectly geometric formation on his high-accuracy depth-finder device. Silva’s video of the odd sonar data reveals a large pyramid with 4 perfectly flat faces like those of the Great Pyramid.

Height estimates for the submerged Azores pyramid provided in every article on the discovery claim a figure of 60m, which is suspiciously inaccurate in light of the original high-resolution depth-finder data provided as evidence (composited above). Clearly, the depth-finder data…

Aurora borealis photographed in Slovenia, rare blue aurora in Norway

Aurora borealis is a normal event at high latitudes during geomagnetic storms but when they are seen as low as Slovenia (Zagarjev vrh, N46.03, E14.65) you know the event is rare and stunning for the observers. The following image was captured in Slovenia on February 27 by astrophotographer Javor Kac:

Image courtesy of Javor Kac (via

Location: Zagarjev vrh (N46.03, E14.65)
UTC Time and Date: 27.02.2014 – 21:43 (21 minutes)
Observer: Javor Kac
Limiting magnitude: +5.5
Light pollution: high
Cloudiness: 30% (variable)
Limiting magnitude at the location of aurora: NA
Auroral activity: very low
Elevation of activity: 15 degrees
Types of activity: (diffuse glow) (rays)

“Comments: Aurora first detected photographically through clouds at 21:43 UT….